This is one of our favoritest new songs that will be appearing on the “Play On Words” release available August of 2016, but if ya can’t wait that long you can get “Anthem” when it’s available as a single on April 15, 2016! We recorded this live at Jammin Java at the Since Antarctica anniversary show. What a blast! We did, however, talk way too much…

This one you’ll have to wait for. This song is written for a time when courage and ignorance met at the same intersection of our childhood, and we were still open to the idea of running outside and jumping into puddles just for fun. “Afraid of the Rain” will get you moving & grooving, and maybe a little wet.

Ok, so this is Daniel’s first time attempting a video edit. It’s an acoustic version of “Stronger Than I” that is lovely to listen to (a little raw) but boring to watch (unless you’re into lengthy shots of people standing, pacing, looking at each other, etc.). The footage is from the recording of “Play On Words”, available August 2016, at Belly Acres Studio in SoMD.

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